Foundation of IAS Programs


We know that offering you the very best when it comes to oceanography and  science education is important. Because we know what our readers want, we work tirelessly to ensure that you get it when you want. In order to be able to offer you the best possible service, we have categorized our website so that you will have an easy time navigating it. Here are some of the categories to explore and which will give you a thrilling and full filing experience;

There is the librarian section where you get to access our services. We have an intuitive platform from where you get to access all of our eBooks, Books, journals and so on. We are dedicated to bring knowledge about oceans to life and with highly enhanced discoverability for journals, journals back files and eBooks, you are sure to get a very easy time here exploring. In the library section you will be required to register so that we are able to offer you our services with ease. Once registered, you will then be able to enjoy seamless flow of science subjects. This is the section where you get a chance to enter a world of science education buzz.

On the other side, we do have authors of different categories. If you are an aAlpha_po_lattice_1621388futhor or oceanography enthusiast , you will be required to register with us in the book author category. This registration process allows us to help you not only get your book displayed but also backed by our very experienced editors. With our editor having gone through your book and approving it, you can rest assured that everything checks out just right. There are journal authors who also need to go through a registration process. There are editors who will go through your journal and who will approve it for publication.

We do have partners with whom we do business with

We are able to give you better service when we hold hands with our trusted partners in business. Areas such as accessibility to larger libraries, better referencing books is enhanced by us collaborating with these partners. Such partners include publishers, individuals and societies. The terms which we enter into agreements with our partners are such that, the access of information by our primary customers comes first. When it comes to privacy and security, we ensure that you are well protected from any form of carelessness or harassment, may it be through sharing of personal information or unsolicited advertisement.

Of course there are positions that once in a while get created with the ever expanding tasks of the firm. You will find a vacancy for a job like that of an editor, proofreader or librarian. Either way, we are a team that emphasizes on quality, discipline and love for science education.